Kerser – No Rest For The Sickest Out 02.11.2012

, the now infamous champion of the Australian underground, is back with his second album No Rest For The Sickest. Joining forces with production don Nebs once again, the symbiotic duo continues to strengthen their unique sound, one which has taken the country by storm.

With less than one year between releases, Kerser’s debut effort The Nebulizer ran down the gates of convention, and in its wake generated a new sub culture captained by the brazen emcee. Thousands now hang on his every tweet, facebook update, wait anxiously for his next YouTube clip. Defiant his music remained untainted by the onslaught of attention, Kerser has created an honest, raw and ruthless sophomore album, his notorious conviction still intact.

Vocal contributors on the album include cohorts Rates, Nebs, and Sarm, who bring their perceptions to the table, already set by Kerser with all manner of poignant topics.

2013 No Rest For the Sickest Tour promo video:

No Rest For The Sickest is out on the 2nd of November 2012.

Released By: Obese Records Distribution