Hunter: Bring it All Back (album) + For The Record (DVD), Out 04.10.2013

The 20th of October 2013 was the 2nd year anniversary of the untimely passing of Robert Hunter or ‘Huntz’, a much loved, characterful and prolific Western Australian rapper.

Huntz has since been immortalized, in a documentary by Periscope pictures called ‘Hunter: For the Record’, about his struggle with Neuroendocrine cancer, the support of the hip-hop community, his adoration of his young son Marley, and his endearing love of his art in its purest form.

The DVD is now available for purchase via Obese Records Distribution from
JB Hi-Fi and Soul Clap Records.

On the 4th of October 2013, Hunter‘s final surprisingly soulful album Bring it All Back was also released through Obese Records Distribution. The release comes after a culmination of 2 years of work by friends and family.
Purchase Bring it All Back from JB Hi-FiiTunes and Soul Clap Records.