Cash Krzma – Excessive & Disgusting Degrees EP out 01.02.2013

Cash KRZMA’s has been deemed a lyricist to watch out for in 2013. By pure chance his debut single ‘All Fonts’ was selected for Obesecity 2, and Cash was promptly offered distribution for his then unfinished debut EP. Collaborating with producers Neversaidall (DVS) and Able8 (Uncomfortable Beats) Cash KRZMA brings you an original sound, heavily laced with self depreciating, comical braggadocio.

Expect a dose of strong, intelligent lyrics depicting life seen though the eyes of a semi – vagabond, twenty something social misfit. From ‘Meanderings’ a ballad like depiction of the emcee’s journey thus far to ‘Tumor Fists’ a brutal assault on commercial music. No topic is off limits: drugs, plastic surgery, social class structures, virgin alien births and Kyle Sandilands purple onion. Backed up from samples by Bukowski, eighties exploitation films and smooth beats, nothing outruns the razor sharp, lizard tongued wit of this versatile rapper.

With a follow up LP The Brinkman already half written, a national tour planned to coincide with it’s release, collaborations with Slack Jaw (Freos finest) for his mix tape Eat A Rat 4 and DCORP’s Cypher Session already under his belt you can guarantee this won’t be the last you hear of this Emcee.

Watch Excessive & Disgusting Degrees EP promo video:

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Release Date: 01/02/2013
Released By: Dark Laughter Records/Obese Distribution