spit syndicate – sunday gentlemen out 22.02.2013

Out of Sydney’s inner west, Australia’s infamously charming hip hop duo Spit Syndicate (Nick Lupi and Jimmy Nice) return with their third LP Sunday Gentlemen (Feb 22nd 2013 –Obese Records). Nick and Jimmy bare all, revealing thoughtful, deeply personal, and sometimes confronting stories with their now-renowned flair.

“Writer Irving Wallace spent much of his life working for other people out of necessity, on projects he had no personal interest in. But he would keep one day out of the week – Sunday – for himself, to work solely on his own writing and articulate the world as he saw it. In 1966, Wallace published the results of several years’ worth of his Sundays – “The Sunday Gentleman” – which went on to become a best-seller.

This album has been created in similar circumstances: writing on days off, recording after work. It is a juggling act, a reality almost every artistic or creative person must confront. This album describes the world as we see it. These songs are a reflection of the experiences, people and stories that are important to us – on our terms, and nobody else’s.

We dedicate this album to anybody juggling their artistic pursuits with what must be done to stay afloat.” –Nick Lupi

Sunday Gentlemen is unquestionably a producers dream. It boasts an imposing list of premium beatmakers, led by Adit (Horrorshow),  Stylaz Fuego (360, Seth Sentry), M-Phazes (Illy, Kimbra), J-Skub (Owl Eyes, Jackson Jackson), and Raph Dixon (Jackie Onassis).

The list of guests on Sunday Gentlemen is equally impressive, encompassing some of Australian hip-hop’s biggest names. Superstar Drapht features on the deeply-personal “Same Storey” – an album highlight; while long time tour-mate Illy brings his A-game on the cinematic “Lost In Translation”.  Fellow One Day crew member Solo (Horrorshow) lends his considerable vocal and songwriting talents to the grooving “Along the Way”; while exciting newcomer Kai (Jackie Onassis) arguably steals the show on “Sip it Slow”, a banging party jam sure to become a fan favourite.

Lead single “Beauty in the Bricks” landed in November of 2012. Immediately added to Triple J rotation and accompanied by an impressive music video which aired on Channel V, “Beauty in the Bricks” proved an infectious smash.  In January of 2013, the second single “Folly” was also snapped up by Triple J just days after delivery. It explores risks taken in youthfulness; choosing spontaneity over responsibility, and the inevitability of consequence. Sonically, “Folly” encompasses all the colours of a lush Summer – grooving pop guitar, tranquil synths and an addictively uplifting hook fused seamlessly together by Stylaz Fuego, Australia’s ‘it’ hip hop producer.

Nick and Jimmy reside in a world of complexities. Their distinct take on the world around them ranges from party habits and vices, to refugees, escapades with the fairer sex, to political disengagement, and the reality of their impending futures. Sunday Gentlemen is representative of a youth both innocent and tarnished. Having honed their vocal delivery and technique, Spit Syndicate speak for their generation with understanding and intelligence.

Widely touted as one of the most anticipated releases of 2013, Sunday Gentlemen is indicative of an artist’s evolution. Mature, inspiring and undoubtedly Spit Syndicate’s most impressive work to date.

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Release Date: 22/02/2013
Released By: Obese Records