Presenting the self titled debut album from Sarm of the acclaimed Sydney duo That’s Them. Featuring guest spots from undisputed kings Kerser, Rates, Fraksha, Tornts, Dialectrix and Rinse (Bingethinkers), with production by Nebs, the album burns its way across your ears the same way the intense orange of the 6 panel digipack sizzles across your retina.

Combining the futuristic, angular production of Nebs with the characteristic hip hop and grime flavoured flow of Sarm, this will be yet another hotly debated and passionately devoured release featuring the new sound shouldering its way out of Sydney’s West. Nebs‘ electro disco influenced production pops like fizzing, acidic neon across the black granite opulence lent by deeply dug soul samples cut by masters such as DJ Mathematics, DJ Floskel and DJ 2Buck.

Never one for the same old humdrum, Sarm contrasts the sharp grime style of Fraksha with the mellow flow of Dialectrix, and the snappy bravado of tracks like ‘I’ll Abuse You For Fun’ with the devastatingly honest ‘When You Hear This’, about the diagnosis of Sarm‘s daughter with leukemia.

Dropping on April 12 through LookUp & Obese Distribution, Sarm is about to unleash volcanic heat on the local hip hop scene.

Release date: 12.04.2013

Released by: LookUp & Obese Distribution