“It’s conscious, philosophical music to live your life by. It’s something to drive to, study to, play basketball to; it’s a simple soundtrack to a complex life.” – Coin Banks

Shaped and moulded on opposite sides of the country, the dynamic duo of Akouo and Coin Banks were drawn together by their magnetic passion for hip hop.
Armed with a creative musical arsenal spanning back through their teenage years, the pair combine their interstate musical upbringing, providing a breath of fresh air in their left of centre approach to the hip hop culture.

Acting as the proficient rhythmic engine room, Akouo showcases his intuitive knowledge of rhythm and beat by displaying a flawless understanding of live instrumentation, cleverly constructed synth phrasing with a back log of iconic samples. Leading the way vocally,Coin Banks compliments his partners articulate musicianship with a lyrical repertoire that extends the pair seamlessly.
“We’re both absolutely dedicated and passionate towards our art and we’d like to think that this record reflects that and subsequently delivers an interesting experience to the listeners”.– Akouo

The pair has set out to provide a fresh sounding musical catalogue, worthy of leaving listeners in a subdued, dreamlike state.
“It’s all about that sunshine music for us; music to dream to.” – Letters To The Sun

Sure to appeal to lovers of the intelligent song writing and unparalleled melodious production, it goes without saying Letters To The Sun are on their way to some serious critical acclaim.

Release Date: 22/03/13

Released By: Obese Distribution

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