Geko – The Horror EP out 15.02.2013

He’s an enigma, wrapped in a mystery; immersed in weed smoke.  He is Phil Gektor. A purveyor of a sacred Lingua Franca long forgotten. He arrives with a mission, a mission to impregnate the minds of listeners with The Horror. This EP, produced by the elusive Ramzee, ushers in the new age of ‘Philizm’, From the ashes of Geko‘s tormented mind state, rises a new anti-hero. Welcome to The Horror.

From the ominous intro, to the final emergency call, the listener is taken into the dark deep recesses of a mind that should be examined for quarantine. Phil Gektor, delivers his despair over a dusty dark minimalist sample-based soundscape, that compliments Phil‘s various and complex stylings perfectly. Featuring two guest verses from Crate Cartel cohort Flu – Aka Fluent Form – this timeless piece is a must have for Crate Cartel fans and Hip Hop heads alike.

Watch music video for new single ’Bail‘ ft. Flu, produced by Ramzee:


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Release Date: 15/02/2013
Released By: Crate Cartel/Obese Distribution