Fraksha – My Way out 01.03.2013

As one of the Smash Brothers and a founding member of Nine High, Fraksha is a well-known figure in Australia. He first earned his stripes in the UK’s underground live circuit and has since proven himself to be one of the UK’s finest exports.

Having shared the stage with the likes of Skinnyman, Kano, Klashnekoff and Blak Twang, Fraksha spent a long time honing his craft and refining his approach. 2013 sees the culmination of those years of passion, mixtapes, shows, experimentation, and straight up skill in the form of the album My Way.

My Way is an exploration into a soundscape often not heard on Australian shores. The thickly layered synths, contemporary hip-hop, poignant lyrics and a heavy dose of grime served up with an unmistakable British accent are a unique and refreshing approach. Fraksha has toured Australia many times over through drum n bass, dubstep, grime, hip-hop gigs and raves alike and has combined all of these influences to position My Way as a new sound.

The production credits range from the ARIA award-winning M-Phazes, Nebs (Kerser, That’s Them), BTE’s own Tornts, Filth Collins, Dazed (Down For The Count Records), Geko (Crate Cartel), Megatroid, Reesbeats, Kharnivor and Juzlo. With such a diverse production team, you can feel the meticulous selections made by Fraksha form an eclectic yet cohesive bond across the album.

The lead single ‘Creepin‘ featuring Brinks (Nine High) and Diem, is an unadulterated street anthem served cold on a dubstep platter. The grime driven remix by Kharnivor is equally engaging,  a producer to keep a close eye on in the future. 

In what may sometimes seem risky, My Way is as cohesive as it is diverse, and will impress a broad spectrum of discerning listeners. It crosses sub-cultures and genres alike, while it traverses through sounds in a fashion that shows mastery of all its atomic elements. It is a genre defying and artist defining body of work. This is the album Australia had to have.

Watch Fraksha‘s music video for ‘Creepin’ ft. Diem and Brinks:

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Release Date: 01/03/2013
Released By: Broken Tooth Entertainment/Obese Distribution