FORTAY: Living Proof, Out 20.09.2013

Hailing from Sydney’s West, Fortay is about to take the country by surprise with new album Living Proof is out now through At Large Productions and Obese Distribution. The first single from the album ‘Chasing the Tail’ features the one and only Snoop Dogg AKA Snoop Lion, a friend of Fortay’s. The production is by DJ L.T., Snoop’s long-time tour DJ.

“I’ve been friends with DJ L.T for many years and he introduced me to Snoop” Fortay retells. “We meet up and we did the song in the hotel.”

The concept behind the song ties in with its title, which is also slang for chasing women, something Snoop in particular is infamous for doing. With a smooth vibe provided by L.T’s 70’s tinged beats, Snoop and Fortay glide lyrically, their contrasting styles complimentary.

Another great demonstration of international hip hop, ‘Chasing the Tail’ reinforces Australian rap’s worldwide legitimacy.

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FOTAY: Living Proof, out 20.09.2013

Hailing from Sydney’s West, Fortay has taken the country by surprise with new album Living Proof  out now through At Large Productions and Obese Distribution.

The first single from the album ‘Chasing the Tail’ features the one and only Snoop Dogg AKA Snoop Lion, a friend of Fortay’s. The production is by DJ L.T., Snoop’s long-time tour DJ.

“I’ve been friends with DJ L.T for many years and he introduced me to Snoop” Fortay retells. “We meet up and we did the song in the hotel.”

The concept behind the song ties in with its title, which is also slang for chasing women, something Snoop in particular is infamous for doing. With a smooth vibe provided by L.T’s 70’s tinged beats, Snoop and Fortay glide lyrically, their contrasting styles complimentary.

Another great demonstration of international hip hop, ‘Chasing the Tail’ reinforces Australian rap’s worldwide legitimacy.

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Hunter: Bring it All Back (album) + For The Record (DVD), Out 04.10.2013

The 20th of October 2013 was the 2nd year anniversary of the untimely passing of Robert Hunter or ‘Huntz’, a much loved, characterful and prolific Western Australian rapper.

Huntz has since been immortalized, in a documentary by Periscope pictures called ‘Hunter: For the Record’, about his struggle with Neuroendocrine cancer, the support of the hip-hop community, his adoration of his young son Marley, and his endearing love of his art in its purest form.

The DVD is now available for purchase via Obese Records Distribution from
JB Hi-Fi and Soul Clap Records.

On the 4th of October 2013, Hunter‘s final surprisingly soulful album Bring it All Back was also released through Obese Records Distribution. The release comes after a culmination of 2 years of work by friends and family.
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Mr. Grevis: My Escape, out 13.09.2013

Mr. Grevis, WA’s most affable emcee and most recent inductee into the almighty Sylabollix crew returns with his second album My Escape after the popularity of his debut release The Sampler in 2012. Already receiving triple j airplay for singles ‘So Beautiful’ featuring Joyride and Ness, and ‘The Apology Song’ featuring Drapht, things are looking promising for Mr. Grevis’s sophomore release.

Combining his supreme knack for story-telling with structurally savvy song writing, Grevis has teamed up with fellow SBX cohort Dazastah for the bulk of the album’s production, with additional beats from Cam Bluff and Rob Shaker. Tinged with new-age sounds and live instrumentation to match the array of subjects explored, My Escape reflects the times through Mr. Grevis’ eyes both sonically and lyrically.

With plenty of guest spots from Grevis’ expansive network of industry friends, My Escape features verses from Drapht, Layla, Dazastah, K21, Hons, Sesta, Trials, Apathy, Mortar, Complete, and Optamus, as well as vocal embellishment from Joyride, Ness and Drapht.

An honest and personal track, ‘The Apology Song’, as its title suggests, is a gesture of redemption to a past sweetheart. Dazastah on production created the stripped back acoustic loop from a riff Grevis had hummed him, which sets a melancholy, exposed stage for the hook and raps. Drapht, a man of many talents, sings on the mournful chorus to spine-tingling effect.

Also produced by Dazastah, ‘So Beautiful’ is set apart by its disco strings and heavy synth lines. An ode to newfound positivity, Grevis raps on his perception of the world now that he is happy within himself. Featuring Sydney’s master crooner Joyride, along with WA based newcomer Ness, the track’s infectiously uplifting hook floats over an electronic pulse.

‘Living the Dream’, another gem by produced Dazastah, sees Grevis light heartedly reflecting on the reality that he may never ‘blow up’ and make a lot of money from his music, but it is still healthy to pursue one’s dreams.

Mr. Grevis’s music is ridden with honesty and humour in equal measure. Drawing from his colourful past, the emcee has a lot to offer when it comes to song writing content. From Party track to heartfelt ballad, My Escape truly is one of the most personally generous bodies of work from an Australian hip hop artist to date.

“I’m a reformed ‘bad guy’, a person trying to right my wrongs. I want to educate the youth about using music as outlet rather than taking more destructive roads. I want people to see me not only as a musician, but as a real person. I try to be as open as I can, it’s pretty evident in my public interactions; I am publicly as I am personally, i am who i am and I’m not ashamed to state my opinions”Mr. Grevis

Track list:

  1. Intro
  2. Living the Dream
  3. Curse of the Kennedys ft. Drapht
  4. Still High ft. Dazastah
  5. Sex With a Demon ft. Trials
  6. Wake Up and Do It Again ft. Hons
  7. The Apology Song ft. Drapht
  8. Dazastah Strikes ft. Apathy & K21
  9. Schizo ft. Layla, Sesta & Mortar
  10. Yin and the Yang
  11. We Need Order
  12. Corporate Wheel ft. Optamus exercise
  13. F#@K Tonight
  14. Give Lance a Break ft. Complete
  15. What Happens When You’re Dead?
  16. The Traffic Courtesy Song
  17. So Beautiful ft. Joyride & Ness

Release Date: 13.09.2013
Distributed By: Obese Records Distribution

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Canberra producer Ghosts in the Room returns with his second release in 12 months teaming up with New York artists Ruste Juxx, Block McCloud and Shabaam Sahdeeq for the Barbarians EP (out September 13th).

From the opening track listeners are taken on a journey through the dark streets of Brooklyn with the Barbarians combining street raps with heavy hitting beats.

Featuring guest verses from Australian talents Ras Kass, Fortay and Tornts as well as instrumental tracks, this release is a must have for any hip hop fan.














Release Date: 13.09.2013
Released By: Obese Records Distribution

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MR GREVIS: New single ‘The Apology Song’ featuring Drapht out 16.08.2013

Mr. Grevis returns with the second single ‘The Apology Song’ featuring fellow Sylabollix member Drapht, from upcoming album My Escape (out September 13th).

An honest and personal track, ‘The Apology Song’, as its title suggests, is a gesture of redemption to a past sweetheart.  Some time ago, Grevis made a few bad decisions which lead to serious consequences, his then fiancé, who had already endured infidelities on his part in the past, broke off the engagement. Her decision was at first rejected by a scornful Grevis, but as he came to choose a more dignified path of life, he began to feel guilt and sorrow.

Now the two do not speak, both have moved on in life and in love. But Mr. Grevis has not forgotten the part he played, so this is ‘The Apology Song’.

Dazastah on production created the stripped back acoustic loop from a riff Grevis had hummed him, which sets a melancholy, exposed stage for the hook and raps. Drapht, a man of many talents, sings on the mournful chorus to spine-tingling effect.

“The song’s about an ex I was engaged too who left me when I was in prison. I was pretty rude to her after it all happened and made her feel pretty bad, when really I didn’t deserve her in the first place. Now we never speak and this is just my way of making her feel better about herself, because she never felt good enough and this is my way of saying sorry and making her proud of my lifestyle changes at the same time.”Mr. Grevis

Single Title: ‘The Apology Song’ featuring Drapht
Single Release Date:

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Album Title: My Escape
Album Release Date: 13.08.2013


On the brink of releasing third LP dropping October 25th through Obese Records Distribution Kerser will be releasing first ever live DVD. Including footage recorded during his No Rest for the Sickest Tour, the DVD will include show highlights from his Melbourne and Sydney tour dates.

Produced by Full Clip, Australia’s leading hip hop production company, the DVD will give an insight into Kerser’s life, allowing fans to see a more personal side to the emcee. Including bonus features as well as footage from hype men Rates and Jaydee, the No Rest for the Sickest National Tour DVD will be available from JB Hi-Fi and independent record stores throughout Australia, with limited signed copies available.

Watch the DVD trailer below:


The Scoville Unit is the mind numbingly hot follow-up to APHSUB‘s 2011 hip hop LP, The Crust. This venerable selection of homegrown chilli infused delights includes ingredients by featured guest producers Trials (Funkoars), Koolta (2011 Hilltop Hoods Initiative winner) and J57 (Brown Bag AllStars, New York) alongside APHSUB‘s own Sublime and DJ Ollie. To garnish, expect a tempting selection of guest vocals by Evan The Evolve, Koncept (Brown Bag AllStars, New York) and Rani Simone. These elements are mixed together by APHSUB members Sev (MC), Sublime (MC, Production), Perennial (MC) and DJ Ollie (Production, DJ) to create a meal for the mind and soul not easily forgotten.

APHSUB are an Adelaide based Australian Hip Hop group formed in 2001, comprised of Sev, Sublime, Perennial and DJ Ollie. 2006 saw the release of Sev‘s solo album titled Sevva – Screws Loose, which saw marked underground success and had APHSUB members sharing a stage with the likes of Funkoars (Golden Era), Vents (Golden Era), and Pegz (Obese Records) to promote the album’s release at the Obese Block Party. Moving forward from this release the boys put together their independently released debut album The Crust in 2011. This marked an important step in APHSUB’s development with international feature artist Koncept (Brown Bag AllStars) joining them on a track as well as DJ Hacksaw (Full Tote Odds, Train of Thought) on a number of tracks.

The lead single ‘I Like People’ saw regular play on local radio, with the film clip (their first) gaining thousands of views on YouTube. This has helped establish them as a respected group in the local hip hop scene, known for their energetic live performances and consistent quality.

In anticipation of the August 16th release date, APHSUB have released a free single titled ‘Never Be A Soldier’ currently downloadable through the group’s Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages. Also in preparation for the albums release, a follow up single and video clip to the track ‘The Jump Off’ will be released online. This video clip features accomplished stunt motorcycle rider Allan Morrison from the team Stuntz Inc. Well known for their dare devil performances, Stuntz Inc have performed throughout Australia, including crowd pleasing burnouts and wheelies at V8 Supercars pre race shows. ‘The Jump Off’ video clip will be released just prior to The Scoville Unit and can be expected early August.

The Scoville Unit establishes an entirely new scale to measure heat and sets itself apart from all that came before it. All fourteen tantalisingly fiery morsels are packed with quality goodness and are served by some of Australia’s best. Think you enjoy spicy? You have no idea what hot is…

Release Date: 16.08.2013
Released By: APHSUB
Distributed By: Obese Records Distribution

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New Single ‘Smiles Don’t Lie’ + Clip + Tour

 Blues Mountains via Newtown hip hop trio Thundamentals continue to flip the concepts of what ‘Oz hip hop’ is supposed to be with new single ‘Smiles Don’t Lie’ from their upcoming, as-yet-untitled, third album, proudly announcing their first and only headline tour for 2013 – taking in Sprung Festival and FBi’s 10th Birthday celebrations – to bring the new music to fans. Already added to rotation on triple j, debuting at #5 on the iTunes Hip Hop Charts, and an unashamed love letter, ‘Smiles Don’t Lie’ would not have been an obvious single choice for the boys – MCs Tuka and Jeswon and DJ Morgs – a year ago.

Though Jeswon had remarked earlier last year that Thundamentals material is, “pretty eclectic, and very musical; a reflection of our willingness to experiment with different genres,” the huge response to a more sensitive Thundas on their triple j Like A Version of Matt Corby’s ‘Brother’ reminded them that the template of hip hop isn’t set in stone for them: as long as the music and meaning is there, a connection can be made. As Tuka points out, “I felt that it would be good to honour our new found sound and following before unveiling the rest of what is by far our most experimental record to date.”

Says Jeswon, “For me, ‘Smiles Don’t Lie’ is a nostalgic, heartfelt song which celebrates many of the things I appreciate about the fairer sex, and my girlfriend in particular. I feel like the song really captures that daydream-like quality of yearning for a loved one when you aren’t in their presence. My motivation for writing this song is that it is a great opportunity to express my respect, admiration and love for my partner who has always been so supportive of my music. I can imagine her driving to work and hearing this song come on the radio and seeing a big smile break out across her face, knowing that she is the inspiration behind my lyrics. To be able to elicit an honest reaction of joy in the person I love the most as a result of something I have made would be an amazing feeling. I just want to make her, and hopefully the rest of Australia, feel good as a result of this song.”

It was following the response from their sophomore record Forevolution and, in particular, the enormously popular recording they made of ‘Brother’ that the band realised that their music was speaking to people outside the tried and successful Thunda’s paths.

‘Smiles Don’t Lie’ follows on from what has been a wildly successful few years for the Newtown trio. Moving backwards through the past twelve months, Thundamentals could commit to only one serious tour the aptly-titled ‘Get Busy’ tour between the scheduled writing and recording breaks set aside for the upcoming album.

Tuka had also been racing round in the wake of his second LP Feedback Loop, which saw him taking on a serious amount of solo shows, as well as support slots for everyone from Seth Sentry to Kendrick Lamar. Similarly, DJ Morgs and Ev Jones (‘Brother’ collaborator) have embarked on a side project called JONES Jnr whose soul drenched neo-gospel beats have attracted the attention of international blogs and seen them just announced to tour with – firstly – NZ Legends Fat Freddy’s Drop, followed by shows with soul troubadour Cody ChestnuTT.  This adds to a resume that boast shows with everyone from soul royalty Bettye Lavette to Blue Note singer Jose James, neo-soul hero Bilal and underground trendsetters Oddissee & Olivier Daysoul.

2011 saw the release of Thundamentals’ second album Foreverlution which saw their first inclusion in both the ARIA and AIR Charts [debuting at #19 on ARIA Australian Charts, #17 on ARIA Urban Charts and #3 on the AIR Charts], not to mention the first two singles [‘Paint The Town Red’ and ‘How You Been?’] sliding into rotation on triple j.

Sleeping On Your Style [2009] had previously produced singles that leapt onto high rotation on the J’s [‘Move It Up’ and ‘The Mash’] with the release proper garnishing the band spots on 2010’s Rolling Stone Magazine’s ‘Acts To Watch’ list and Sydney Morning Heralds ‘Next Big Things’ list and fourth single  T.H.U.N.D.A achieving MTV Rotation.

With a touring history includes A Tribe Called Quest, Big Boi (Outkast), MF Doom, Lyrics Born, Drapht, Bone Thugs N Harmony Thundamentals have grown into one of Australia’s most accomplished and energetic live acts, raising roofs and causing hangovers wherever they go, but as well invoking thoughtfulness and delivering new sounds to a genre scene that is seriously, and finally, beginning to spread its wings in this country. The last tour sold out fast…you know what to do.


Niche Productions & Nathan Farrell Entertainment proudly presents…

Thundamentals ‘Smiles Don’t Lie’ Tour
Sunday 8th September – FBi 10th Bday @ Carriageworks – Sydney, NSW

Saturday 21st September – Sprung Festival – Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday 25th September – Beach Road Hotel – Bondi, NSW
Free Entry

Thursday 3rd October – Small Ballroom – Newcastle, NSW

Friday 4th October – Carmens – Miranda, NSW
Sunday 6th October – Splashes – Wollongong, NSW

Thursday 10th October – Flyrite – Perth, WA

Friday 11th October – Mojo’s – Fremantle, WA

Saturday 12th October – Studio 146 – Albany, WA

Saturday 19th October – Sprung Festival – Melbourne, VIC

Saturday 26th October – Rocket – Adelaide, SA

Thursday 31st October – Entrance Leagues Club – Gosford, NSW

Friday 1st November – Baroque Room – Katoomba, NSW



New Single ‘Smiles Don’t Lie’ Out Now through Obese Records


It’s no secret that Melbourne boutique hip hop label Crate Cartel have been putting out some of the purist hip hop music in Australia for years now. Having the deepest respect for the genre’s roots, the Cartel is conscientiously on point when adhering to age-old principals and legacies.

None demonstrates this dedication to the movement more than Fluent Form, possessing all the background knowledge, experience and sensitivity required. Flu is the A-grade emcee, and what he has produced with new album Flu Season is no less than top-shelf hip hop.


As Fluent Form has matured, so too has his music. With a certain bravery, his new material contains more sensitivity both tonally and lyrically than displayed on previous albums Word Merchant (2011) and The Furnace (2009). Known in the past for his aggressive execution, the Melbourne emcee has redefined his stylistic approach in the hope that “it gives the listener an opportunity to digest everything I’m saying.” 

Ever the contrarian, upon every listen Flu’s cryptic word play uncovers truth after truth for those who choose to hear it. Lyrical themes range from braggadocio tracks, displaying wordplay at its very best, to highly creative conceptual tracks, which seek to examine the world outside of first person.

Guests on the album include Geko, Pang Production’s 1/6, Mata & Must, as well as American cohorts One Be Lo and Has-Lo, while production credits go to Must Volkoff, Geko, Discourse and L’Orange.


Second track on the album ‘Ironclad’ epitomises Flu’s new formula for writing with its laid back production by Must Volkoff paired with abstract lyricism. The layers of metaphor and double entendre designed to reward ‘true’ Flu fans.


With production by Crate Cartel’s Discourse, ‘Synthetic Love’ is a conceptual gem. Taking on the persona of ‘addiction’ in the first verse, Flu explores the subject and its effects often drawing on his own experiences. The second verse sees Fluent Form as himself, changing his thought patterns, using honest reflection as a way of ultimately defeating his nemesis.


Perhaps the most personally generous track on the album, ‘Fan Mail’ is written from the perspective of Flu’s inner critic. Melancholic piano samples trademark the production by Geko, perfectly indicative of the desolate subject matter. “You fought the good fight, but it’s time to leave”.

An album for those who appreciate a philosophical outlook and a cryptic unravelling, Flu Season is a masterful piece of work from start to finish.

“My style isn’t exactly the most accessible to the average listener. But I don’t write for them, I write for me firstly, and for the people who know.”Fluent Form
Watch clip for ‘A Grade’ below:

Release Date: 02.08.2013
Released By: Crate Cartel
Distributed By: Obese Records Distribution

Pre-order Flu Season from JB Hi-Fi here.