Presenting the self titled debut album from Sarm of the acclaimed Sydney duo That’s Them. Featuring guest spots from undisputed kings Kerser, Rates, Fraksha, Tornts, Dialectrix and Rinse (Bingethinkers), with production by Nebs, the album burns its way across your ears the same way the intense orange of the 6 panel digipack sizzles across your retina.

Combining the futuristic, angular production of Nebs with the characteristic hip hop and grime flavoured flow of Sarm, this will be yet another hotly debated and passionately devoured release featuring the new sound shouldering its way out of Sydney’s West. Nebs‘ electro disco influenced production pops like fizzing, acidic neon across the black granite opulence lent by deeply dug soul samples cut by masters such as DJ Mathematics, DJ Floskel and DJ 2Buck.

Never one for the same old humdrum, Sarm contrasts the sharp grime style of Fraksha with the mellow flow of Dialectrix, and the snappy bravado of tracks like ‘I’ll Abuse You For Fun’ with the devastatingly honest ‘When You Hear This’, about the diagnosis of Sarm‘s daughter with leukemia.

Dropping on April 12 through LookUp & Obese Distribution, Sarm is about to unleash volcanic heat on the local hip hop scene.

Release date: 12.04.2013

Released by: LookUp & Obese Distribution


Kerser returns in 2013, this time teaming up with brother and best mate, Rates for ‘We Here Now’.

The stand alone single is now available on iTunes as a digital 3 track package, including radio edit, instrumental and accapella.

This past year has been intense for the Campbelltown emcee. With increased notoriety, Kerser has endured the biggest transition of his life, not to mention the most isolating.

‘We Here Now’ is a rags-to-riches tale, contrasting between an optimistic present and days survived.

On writing and performing with Rates:
“It’s the best ay. ‘Cause he’s my brother, but he’s my best mate. So it’s a dream come true, we’ve both been working together for years and years. We both think the same.” -Kerser

With production by long-time beat benefactor Nebs, ‘We Here Now’ is upbeat and features old-school samples and heavy drums.

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to his No Rest For the Sickest Tour early this year, Kerser, along with Rates, hit the road again, this time focusing on regional areas all across the country . The We Here Now Tour will commence in June of 2013. Dates and further info to be announced soon.

Release Date: 24/03/13

Released By: Obese Distribution


Purchase the single from iTunes here



“It’s conscious, philosophical music to live your life by. It’s something to drive to, study to, play basketball to; it’s a simple soundtrack to a complex life.” – Coin Banks

Shaped and moulded on opposite sides of the country, the dynamic duo of Akouo and Coin Banks were drawn together by their magnetic passion for hip hop.
Armed with a creative musical arsenal spanning back through their teenage years, the pair combine their interstate musical upbringing, providing a breath of fresh air in their left of centre approach to the hip hop culture.

Acting as the proficient rhythmic engine room, Akouo showcases his intuitive knowledge of rhythm and beat by displaying a flawless understanding of live instrumentation, cleverly constructed synth phrasing with a back log of iconic samples. Leading the way vocally,Coin Banks compliments his partners articulate musicianship with a lyrical repertoire that extends the pair seamlessly.
“We’re both absolutely dedicated and passionate towards our art and we’d like to think that this record reflects that and subsequently delivers an interesting experience to the listeners”.– Akouo

The pair has set out to provide a fresh sounding musical catalogue, worthy of leaving listeners in a subdued, dreamlike state.
“It’s all about that sunshine music for us; music to dream to.” – Letters To The Sun

Sure to appeal to lovers of the intelligent song writing and unparalleled melodious production, it goes without saying Letters To The Sun are on their way to some serious critical acclaim.

Release Date: 22/03/13

Released By: Obese Distribution

Purchase Letters to the Sun from iTunes

Chasm EP Series – Diamond Cuts feat. Skryptcha & Rachael Berry out 15.03.2013

After a very successful 2012 centred around his widely revered album This is How We Never Die, Chasm has returned in 2013 with a fresh approach to releasing his music.

The Chasm EP series, the first of which is set for release on March 15th this year, will comprise of four separate digital releases, each featuring a different vocal artist. The collaborations, in true Chasm style, will spotlight artists from his international network including Guilty Simpson (USA), Blak Twang (UK), and our very own Monchichi (AUS), Skryptcha & Rachael Berry (AUS).

The first EP from the series ‘Diamond Cuts’, features Chasm’s long time collaborators Skryptcha and Rachael Berry.

Chasm first worked alongside Skryptcha producing the Sydney emcee’s debut EP ‘Left to Write’. The two then collaborated on Skryptcha’s first LP The Numbers in 2010, which included hit single ‘Get Mine’ featuring Rachael Berry’s velvety vocals on the hook. Berry and Chasm went on to work on new songs together, which unfortunately never saw the light of day. Recently during a studio session for Skryptcha‘s mixtape The Summer, Skryp heard the unfinished tracks and knew he had to rap over them. Thus the EP came together.

‘Diamond Cuts’ – polishing up rediscovered gems from the vaults.

The first single from Diamond Cuts is ‘Oo La La La’ is an up-tempo, vibing, straight up party number. Featuring an impressive verse from the bilingual Ozi Batla (The Herd), ‘Oo La La La’ is all funk guitars, accented claps, and a signature hook from Berry.

Release Date: 15.03.2013

Follow Chasm on Facebook and Twitter.

Obese Records Frankston store update

Melburnians, save the date!

Fraksha – My Way out 01.03.2013

As one of the Smash Brothers and a founding member of Nine High, Fraksha is a well-known figure in Australia. He first earned his stripes in the UK’s underground live circuit and has since proven himself to be one of the UK’s finest exports.

Having shared the stage with the likes of Skinnyman, Kano, Klashnekoff and Blak Twang, Fraksha spent a long time honing his craft and refining his approach. 2013 sees the culmination of those years of passion, mixtapes, shows, experimentation, and straight up skill in the form of the album My Way.

My Way is an exploration into a soundscape often not heard on Australian shores. The thickly layered synths, contemporary hip-hop, poignant lyrics and a heavy dose of grime served up with an unmistakable British accent are a unique and refreshing approach. Fraksha has toured Australia many times over through drum n bass, dubstep, grime, hip-hop gigs and raves alike and has combined all of these influences to position My Way as a new sound.

The production credits range from the ARIA award-winning M-Phazes, Nebs (Kerser, That’s Them), BTE’s own Tornts, Filth Collins, Dazed (Down For The Count Records), Geko (Crate Cartel), Megatroid, Reesbeats, Kharnivor and Juzlo. With such a diverse production team, you can feel the meticulous selections made by Fraksha form an eclectic yet cohesive bond across the album.

The lead single ‘Creepin‘ featuring Brinks (Nine High) and Diem, is an unadulterated street anthem served cold on a dubstep platter. The grime driven remix by Kharnivor is equally engaging,  a producer to keep a close eye on in the future. 

In what may sometimes seem risky, My Way is as cohesive as it is diverse, and will impress a broad spectrum of discerning listeners. It crosses sub-cultures and genres alike, while it traverses through sounds in a fashion that shows mastery of all its atomic elements. It is a genre defying and artist defining body of work. This is the album Australia had to have.

Watch Fraksha‘s music video for ‘Creepin’ ft. Diem and Brinks:

Purchase My Way from iTunes here.

Follow Fraksha on Facebook or Twitter.
Release Date: 01/03/2013
Released By: Broken Tooth Entertainment/Obese Distribution

spit syndicate – sunday gentlemen out 22.02.2013

Out of Sydney’s inner west, Australia’s infamously charming hip hop duo Spit Syndicate (Nick Lupi and Jimmy Nice) return with their third LP Sunday Gentlemen (Feb 22nd 2013 –Obese Records). Nick and Jimmy bare all, revealing thoughtful, deeply personal, and sometimes confronting stories with their now-renowned flair.

“Writer Irving Wallace spent much of his life working for other people out of necessity, on projects he had no personal interest in. But he would keep one day out of the week – Sunday – for himself, to work solely on his own writing and articulate the world as he saw it. In 1966, Wallace published the results of several years’ worth of his Sundays – “The Sunday Gentleman” – which went on to become a best-seller.

This album has been created in similar circumstances: writing on days off, recording after work. It is a juggling act, a reality almost every artistic or creative person must confront. This album describes the world as we see it. These songs are a reflection of the experiences, people and stories that are important to us – on our terms, and nobody else’s.

We dedicate this album to anybody juggling their artistic pursuits with what must be done to stay afloat.” –Nick Lupi

Sunday Gentlemen is unquestionably a producers dream. It boasts an imposing list of premium beatmakers, led by Adit (Horrorshow),  Stylaz Fuego (360, Seth Sentry), M-Phazes (Illy, Kimbra), J-Skub (Owl Eyes, Jackson Jackson), and Raph Dixon (Jackie Onassis).

The list of guests on Sunday Gentlemen is equally impressive, encompassing some of Australian hip-hop’s biggest names. Superstar Drapht features on the deeply-personal “Same Storey” – an album highlight; while long time tour-mate Illy brings his A-game on the cinematic “Lost In Translation”.  Fellow One Day crew member Solo (Horrorshow) lends his considerable vocal and songwriting talents to the grooving “Along the Way”; while exciting newcomer Kai (Jackie Onassis) arguably steals the show on “Sip it Slow”, a banging party jam sure to become a fan favourite.

Lead single “Beauty in the Bricks” landed in November of 2012. Immediately added to Triple J rotation and accompanied by an impressive music video which aired on Channel V, “Beauty in the Bricks” proved an infectious smash.  In January of 2013, the second single “Folly” was also snapped up by Triple J just days after delivery. It explores risks taken in youthfulness; choosing spontaneity over responsibility, and the inevitability of consequence. Sonically, “Folly” encompasses all the colours of a lush Summer – grooving pop guitar, tranquil synths and an addictively uplifting hook fused seamlessly together by Stylaz Fuego, Australia’s ‘it’ hip hop producer.

Nick and Jimmy reside in a world of complexities. Their distinct take on the world around them ranges from party habits and vices, to refugees, escapades with the fairer sex, to political disengagement, and the reality of their impending futures. Sunday Gentlemen is representative of a youth both innocent and tarnished. Having honed their vocal delivery and technique, Spit Syndicate speak for their generation with understanding and intelligence.

Widely touted as one of the most anticipated releases of 2013, Sunday Gentlemen is indicative of an artist’s evolution. Mature, inspiring and undoubtedly Spit Syndicate’s most impressive work to date.

Purchase Sunday Gentlemen from iTunes now.

For upcoming tour dates follow Spit Syndicate on Facebook or visit the SS website.

Release Date: 22/02/2013
Released By: Obese Records



Obese TV: Episode 2

Obese TV: Episode 2 is here.

In this installment we find out what’s coming through Broken Tooth Entertainment in 2013 with TorntsFraksha & Ciecmate. We hear from the beautiful Candice Monique about her new mixtape, and experiences in the hip hop industry (extended interview coming soon), check in with One Sixth and Pegz at The Espy, and Frank reminds us how integral vinyl is in our culture.


‘Electrolude 2′ prod. by Dyl Thomas,
Taken from One Sixth’s debut album Electronic Mail
Purchase album here.

‘Bail’ prod. by Ramzee
Taken from upcoming Geko EP The Horror
Purchase single here.

‘Poison Instrumental’ prod. by Kharnivor
Taken from upcoming Tornts album Street Visions
Purchase single here.

‘Reminiscing’ prod. by Motley
Taken from Candice Monique’s mixtape Free Me
Purchase mixtape here.

‘Round the Sun’ prod. by Tony Wolf & Charles Parker
Taken from One Sixth’s debut album Electronic Mail
Purchase album here.

‘Knowing Disintegration’ prod. by Plutonic Lab
Taken from the first Obesecity compilation
Purchase album here.

‘What You in it For’ Pegz, ft. Jimmy Nice, Mantra & Illy, prod. by M-Phazes
Taken from Pegz’s album Drama
Purchase album here.


In the wake of Spit Syndicate’s explosive first single ’Beauty in the Bricks’ taken from upcoming February 22nd release Sunday Gentlemen, comes the captivating second single ‘Folly’.

‘Folly’ explores the risks taken in youthfulness; choosing spontaneity over responsibility and the impending inevitability of consequence.  Spit Syndicate again demonstrate their ability to resonate with listeners, delivering their philosophies with consummate lyricism.

Sonically, ‘Folly’ encompasses all the colours of a lush Summer.  Grooving pop guitar, tranquil synths and an addictively uplifting hook. Fused seamlessly together by Stylez Fuego, Australia’s ‘it’ hip hop producer.

Already added to rotation on triple j, and receiving a hugely positive response by the public, ‘Folly’ is a guaranteed hit.

Sunday Gentlemen will be available in stores and online from February 22nd 2013.

“We’re writing on behalf of those who haven’t yet ‘figured it all out’. Whether you agree or disagree with how we’re living our lives, we’re living. ’Folly’ is about being young, making mistakes, and making the most out of right now. Just in time for another Summer.”

Jimmy Nice

Purchase ‘Folly’ from iTunes 

Single Release Date: 25.01.2013 (iTunes only)
Album Release Date: 22.02.2013


Geko – The Horror EP out 15.02.2013

He’s an enigma, wrapped in a mystery; immersed in weed smoke.  He is Phil Gektor. A purveyor of a sacred Lingua Franca long forgotten. He arrives with a mission, a mission to impregnate the minds of listeners with The Horror. This EP, produced by the elusive Ramzee, ushers in the new age of ‘Philizm’, From the ashes of Geko‘s tormented mind state, rises a new anti-hero. Welcome to The Horror.

From the ominous intro, to the final emergency call, the listener is taken into the dark deep recesses of a mind that should be examined for quarantine. Phil Gektor, delivers his despair over a dusty dark minimalist sample-based soundscape, that compliments Phil‘s various and complex stylings perfectly. Featuring two guest verses from Crate Cartel cohort Flu – Aka Fluent Form – this timeless piece is a must have for Crate Cartel fans and Hip Hop heads alike.

Watch music video for new single ’Bail‘ ft. Flu, produced by Ramzee:


Purchase ‘Bail’ ft. Flu from iTunes now.

Follow Geko on Facebook or visit the Crate Cartel website.
Release Date: 15/02/2013
Released By: Crate Cartel/Obese Distribution