Hyjak has returned in 2013, this time with his first solo studio album entitled The Light at the End of the Tunnel.

Not having released anything since 2009 in the form of Hyjak N Torcha‘s UnregrettableHyjak has been feeling the pressure of standing on his own two feet as a solo artist. Nevertheless, he returns to the fold more focused and lyrically articulate than ever.

Only a few seconds into the album Hyjak has already laid his cards on the table, dissecting his own faults while simultaneously rising above them. Hyjak‘s most honest autobiographical work to date; The Light at the End of the Tunnel is an emotional roller-coaster ride. With lyrics which paint vivid and evocative pictures, Hyjak recreates past experiences through his lyrics.

With production from a vast assortment of producers, the impressive list includes Ciecmate (Broken Tooth Entertainment), Pokerbeats (Germany), and Jolistics (TZU).

Guest vocalists featured on the album such as P. Smurf (Daily Meds), Hau (Koolism), and Brooklyn native Rock from Heltah Skeltah (Bootcamp Click), emphasize the widespread respect Hyjak has earned over the course of his rap career.

With an excessive amount of music being released in the current industry climate, due to the accessibility of producing software and the rise of the DIY ‘bedroom studio’, Hyjakwanted to give his fans an album which stands out from the rest. With that aim, The Light at the End of the TunnelThe LP was carefully engineered and crafted a large format console, using nothing but world-class analogue and digital gear to create a timeless sound.

Check out the clip for ’All I Need’ below:

Release Date: 12.07.2013
Released By: Obese Records Distribution

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Rates will be appearing in-store at our Frankston shop on Thursday the 25th of July, between 4-5pm! Save the date.

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Kimence: One View, out 05.07.2013

Kimence has been writing for most of her life. As a young person, writing poetry aided her to rationalize and evolve through troubled times. Since then, Kimence’s relationship with the pen has not only become rewarding, but empowering.

Testament to Kimence’s knack for networking, One View includes production mastery from some of our country’s best. Including Simplex of Terra Firma, Suffa from Hilltop Hoods, Trials of Funkoars, Admin, Psycho Les of NYC group The Beatnuts. Among the hand-picked vocal contributors are K21, Simplex, Alerts, Psycho Les, Raph A.L., Mnops, Monsta Ganjah, Tana Kingi & Jayde Lowther.

Title track, ‘One View’ sees Kimence team up with long-time collaborators Simplex and Alerts for a fast paced exchange. Bold horn loops, crashing symbols, and sparkling piano lines together with premium scratching make ’One View’ one of the most hard hitting tracks on the album.

Retrospective track ‘The Quest’ is set around Kim’s struggles during the making of her album, and the journey of “a female trying to make it in a man’s world”.

The haunting Simplex production is driven by heavy beats, and minor guitar loops, emphasizing the stoicism of Kimence’s words.

Showing her thematic versitility ‘Hooked Baby’ is a comical number characterized by 70’s guitar loops. The beat, supplied by Admin, came with the key sample which motivated the track’s gold digger theme.

A big advocate for her local scene, Kimence’s reverence for hip hop music and its positive impact on the community is what drives her. Being a female emcee is widely regarded as a tough gig, but Kimence has earned, and continues to earn the support of industry heavyweights with her tenacity and conviction.

“I would love to not only see my music enjoyed by others, but to see this album inspire other females who have a passion for Hip Hop to step up and make it happen.” – Kimence

One View will be released digitally through Obese Records Distribution, and in stores through Butterthief.
Check out Kimence’s new music video for ‘Descending’ below





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Release date: 05.07.2013
Released by: Obese Distribution (digitally only)


M-Phazes will be releasing a compilation album featuring some of his all-time favourite collaborative moments from his back catalogue. This sort after collection of production mastery is aptly entitled The Works.

Back in twenty-ten M-Phazes released his ARIA award winning album Good Gracious, which featured an all-star lineup of Australian Hip-Hop artists.  With the release of  The Works in 2013, M-Phazes will be displaying his international connections, featuring some of Hip Hop’s most elite, and sort after vocalists over his now world famous beats.

Boasting pre-released tracks from Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch ft. Jill ScottSlaughterhouse and CL Smooth and more, The Works is an insight to Phazes‘ remarkable knack for networking and establishing musical connections.
Watch ‘Still Standing’ with Pharoahe Monch ft. Jill Scott music video:

Release Date: 28.06.2013
Released By: Obese Records

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After a very successful 2012 centred around his widely revered album This is How We Never Die, Chasm has returned in 2013 with a fresh approach to releasing his music.

The Chasm EP series, the second of which will be released on June 14th, comprises of four separate digital releases, each featuring a different vocal artist. The collaborations, in true Chasm style, will spotlight artists from his international network including Guilty Simpson (USA), Blak Twang (UK), and our very own Monchichi (AUS), Skryptcha & Rachael Berry (AUS).

Entitled Smoking Aces, the second instalment from the EP series features rising star and triple j Unearthed feature artist Monchichi. With a mish-mash of production styles on offer, Smoking Aces switches between reggae samples, synth leads, and boom bap beats.

Chasm first encountered the Sydney-based emcee when Monchichi supported the legendary Smoke DZA live. Impressed, Chasm checked out Chi’s work with Coloured Noyz, before inviting him to join forces on what would become the second instalment in the EP series, Smoking Aces.

Watch Smoking Aces mini doco:

Release Date: 14.06.2013
Released By: Obese Records

Purchase Chasm’s first EP Diamond Cuts from iTunes here.


Destroy and Rebuild is the debut album from one of Sydney’s most thought provoking lyricist. 

Providing an insight into a dark world constructed within the walls of a racing mind. The album boasts solid features including Sydney’s king Kerser, crazily talented Jay (uf), and Geelong’s very own Fatty Phew, all bringing  their own flavour to this crazy album. With great production from DiscourseTorntsNebsElliot WaiteGeko and Seven Six. Destroy and Rebuild truly is a journey from start to finish.

Watch ‘Ferocious’ promo clip:

Release Date: 14.06.2013

Released By: Rates & Obese Distribution

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From the underground hip hop group Window DownNekta & Flush lock pens and embark on a long overdue project. Common Wealth, the name of this album, comprises of 15 straight up hip hop tracks, which extends the barriers of written words.

From concept driven themes, to raw punch line bangers, the two emcee’s have brought it together to give homage to their roots as well as a fresh new chapter of hip hop for this country’s ears to bounce their heads to.

Release Date: 07.06.2013

Released By: Nekta & Flush & Obese Distribution

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Perth native Bitter Belief (Syllabolix) will be dropping his sophomore album The Gallery through Obese Records Distribution. 

The LP features the likes of The TonguePurposeBriggsHauCreed Birch, Mr Grevis and more.

With producer Creed Birch handling most of the album’s production, the two have been working together for years developing their sound. Production credits also include M-PhazesCam Bluff and Rob Shaker (who also handled cuts, mixing and mastering).


Check out the video clip for lead single ‘The Circus’:

Release Date: 31.05.2013
Released By: Bitter Belief & Obese Distribution

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Dialectrix – The Cold Light of Day, 24.05.2013

Masterful Sydney based MC Dialectrix presents The Cold Light of Day. The album features production handled entirely by Plutonic Lab and cuts by DJ 2Buck. The third LP since signing with Obese Records in 2008, lead single ‘New Generation’ heralded the LP release almost a year ago, and has anomalously enjoyed month after month of high rotation on triple j in anticipation.

A vernacular acrobat, Dialectrix combines rhythmic precision and variety, with content spawned from cathartic necessity. The album showcases his renowned technical skill and polish, reinforcing his reputation as one of the best in the business.

The triad of skilled musicians set the release apart. All meticulous, slaves to perfection; the trio have found a remarkable wavelength based around shared standards. The result: a transcendent album, that pushes boundaries of genre convention with purpose and conscientiousness.

“Sonically The Cold Light of Day sits alone as being musically diverse, while being rigorously grounded in the settings of traditional Hip Hop.” –Dialectrix

Still faithful to their roots, Plutonic Lab and Dialectrix have built on the foundations of traditional hip hop, revolutionising the genre by incorporating live instrumentation and electronic elements. DJ 2Buck’s selection of premium cuts always consummately timed, give the album character and scope.

Vocal guests include the legendary Def Wish, P-Smurf (Big Village), Chip Fu, Momo (Diafrix), and a verse from the dexterous 2Buck.

The LP focuses on the many varied themes explored by Dialectrix, each complimented by Plutonic Lab’s custom-made soundtrack.
“I keep working with Pluto because we make music like a band. There’s a synergy and chemistry we get that you just can’t buy or fabricate and I’d consider him one of my best friends.“ –Dialectrix

In the track ‘Fire in the Blood’, there is no ignoring Dialectrix’s raw emotion as he wrestles with nature vs. nurture. He relays his deepest fear; passing alcoholism and violence onto his son. Written in an extremely tumultuous period of his life, he has labelled ‘Fire in the Blood’ “the most raw and honest track I’ve ever made”. Plutonic sets a melancholy scene with haunting vocals, and angry beats.

‘Take Flight’ is a laid-back, vibing number inspired by Dialectrix’s travels around Australia. His lyrics reflect on the beauty he has encountered in the places he’s been, and people he’s met, but also the inherent guilt he feels about enjoying a place which was stolen from its original people. With lounge piano, subtle strings and synth nuances, the track cruises.

Opening track ‘Shadow in the Light’, is surmised as one of the artist’s personal favourites. Plutonic Lab brings his explosive percussion skills to the forefront and fuses them with syncopated synth sounds, creating a kind of sonic exclamation mark.

Second single and immediate standout ‘Go’ flawlessly combines bold indie rock guitar with pulsing beats, propelling Dialectrix’s impeccable flow forward. The theme for the track is the inescapable presence of ‘time’, racing the clock his flow is exacting and relentless.

The Cold Light of Day is a quality display of true skill and passion. It is safe to say the future of hip hop is safe in the hands of Dialectrix, Plutonic Lab and DJ 2Buck.

“I’d say our music ultimately is thinking music. It’s designed to make someone contemplate what’s around them, and judge things critically. It’s meant to do nothing more than talk about one man’s experience in hope of making someone else feel better.” –Dialectrix

Release Date: 24.05.2013

Released By: Obese Records

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Eloquor – From the Oceans of Karana, Out 10.05.2013

From the Oceans of Karana

One of the most catalytic hip hop releases to date comes in the form of Eloquor’s third LP From the Oceans of Karana.

Following on from the release of his 2011 EP, Eloquor continues to explore his fascination with the human condition. From the Oceans of Karana is a spiritual encounter, which explores both the fundamentals and intricacies of life.

The album is divided into three parts; Creation, Preservation, and Destruction. Each part is proceeded ceremoniously by a foreword from Ramesh, a Hindu mystic. The concept behind Eloquor’s themes is inspired by the three Hindu gods Brahma (the Creator), Vishnu (the Preserver), and Shiva (the Destroyer). Otherwise known as the Tridev.

Eloquor’s reverence for eastern philosophy and religion is strewn through his lyrics, his masterful story-telling transcended by a soundtrack of evocative 1970’s Bollywood samples, soulful jams and classic boom bap sounds.

Esteemed guests featured on the LP include Ginger Van EsCandice MoniqueStrike WonDuvz, and L Fresh the Lion. With outstanding production from Simplex(Terrafirma), 76 (Stronghorn Studios), Pokerbeats, and Jase (Beatheadz),

Lead single, ‘New Day’, touches on Eloquor’s principles, both as a musician and as an optimist. Featuring the soulful vocals of Ginger Van Es, the track glides smoothly from the beginning to the outset, providing a peaceful vibe.

Following up, ‘Electric Kids’, digs deep into the artists empathy for underprivileged youth, hoping to uplift and empower the often neglected teens.

“I wrote this track to uplift kids that are feeling shit about their situation. The song is for the kids so they don’t feel alone. For the kids in residential care with parents who are unable to raise them for whatever reason it may be.” -Eloquor

Recorded especially for the track, Eloquor uses vocals performed by students at Caulfield Park Community School, where he teaches disadvantaged and at risk youth.

‘One’ extends the universal outlook of Eloquor’s existence, touching on the emcee’s astral side. From the sampled 70’s Bollywood records, the production of 76compliments the emcee’s flow, with rhymes touching on topics of creationism.

From the Oceans of Karana is a generously personal look into the mind of a deep thinker. Eloquor graciously lends his words as a vehicle for introspection, in the hope they benefit his listeners.

“This album is an expression of my spiritual and social beliefs. Designed to empower, educate and provoke thought with an open mind and heart.” -Eloquor

Release Date: 10.05.2013
Released By: Myspherical Ent. & Obese Distribution

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