Thundamentals: New Single ‘Something I Said’ featuring Thom Crawford + Album Tour Dates

Thundamentals have just announced, in a triple j exclusive, a massive run of dates to celebrate the [seriously] long-awaited release of third album So We Can Remember, out Fri 2 May through Obese Records. To kick things off, the much-loved Blue Mountains via Newtown hip hop trio will be dropping second single ‘Something I Said’ this Friday. Featuring vocals by Oscar nominee Thom Crawford, the track is destined to be a crowd favourite on the album tour.

Getting across as much of the country as possible, Thundamentals are touring So We Can Remember as part of the national, regional Groovin The Moo festival juggernaut, as well as playing their own major city launches.

Fri 25 Apr @ Groovin The Moo, Oakland SA

Sat 26 Apr @ Groovin The Moo, Maitland NSW

Sun 27 Apr @ Groovin The Moo, Canberra ACT

Sat 3 May @ Groovin The Moo, Bendigo VIC

Sun 4 May @ Groovin The Moo, Townsville QLD

Sat 10 May @ Groovin The Moo, Bunbury WA

New single ‘Something I Said’ is out now via iTunes.

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7’6: Organic Synthesis, Out 28.02.2014

UK import 7’6 presents debut album Organic Synthesis, a body of work which breathes new life into hip hop as we know it.

Citing acts such as J DillaBonoboFlying LotusHermitude, and Rudimental as his inspirations. 7‘6 prides himself on having an eclectic and unique sound selection spanning across genres. What sets a 7’6 release apart is his ability to set the scene via soundscape.

A dexterous musician, 7’6 has composed the album so that each instrument tells its own story to form a cohesive whole. Having either produced for or recorded many recognized artists previously, 7’6 felt that it was time to step out from behind the boards and into the forefront with a new sound.

Organic Synthesis features acclaimed guests such as veteran WA native emcee N’Fa Jones,the dulcet vocals of Jace Excell, divine soul songstress Ginger Van Handley, the beautiful tones of Melanie Rutherford, the talented Screamy, the masterful lyric stylings of emcee 1/6, and drums by Mercury Award winning producer Plutonic Lab for the track ‘Launch’.

Synth-heavy ‘Comic Books’ featuring N’Fa Jones and Jace Excell, is the direct response to the question and theme posed by 7’6“if you had superpowers, what would they be?” With a smooth soul vibe, the track is decorated by sparkling keys and gentle boom bap.

‘Listen’ is the first single off Organic Synthesis. The ethereal track features vocals from Detroit artist Melanie Rutherford. As the production slowly builds, the lyrics ask nothing of you but to meditate on the soundwaves.

Opened by tribal chants and percussion, ‘Nomad’ is a meeting of the modern and traditional. Featuring Melbourne artists 1/6 and Ginger Van Handley, lyrical themes of time and circumstance are explored with eloquence.

After many years in the game, and many more to come, 7’6 has brought you an album from the heart.

“When I first set out in the creation of this album, I just wanted to do an album, so I could finally say after all my years in the game, I did it, but the deeper I got the more effort I put in, and ended up creating something that I am extremely proud of, something I just want to share with the world.” 7’6

Purchase Organic Synthesis from iTunes here.


Delta is a living hip hop legend. Known globally for his razor-sharp rhymes, allegiance to hip hop culture and perfectionism, Delta has been honing his craft for over 20 years.

On the 14th of February 2014 Delta will be releasing his third album Pyramid Schemes, five years after sophomore album The Second Story was released.

Demonstrative of his formidable creative flair, Pyramid Schemes is an opus to behold for any hip hop enthusiast. For listeners less familiar with the genre, Deltaepitomises what hip hop is about; intelligent lyricism, selection and structure of quality beats, and honouring the genre in its purest form.

Pyramid Schemes showcases Delta’s expansive musical understanding combining elements of jazz, rock, funk, and soul served with a large side of hip hop. The majority of the beats have been produced by Delta, with the additional guest producers being his long time partner in crime Mark B (UK), and Amed of the all mighty DITC /Wildlife family (USA).

Vocal guests include Melbourne soul songstress Candice Monique, Brisbane king Lazy GreyPeter Tilbrook of the legendary band the Masters Apprentices, the unstoppable Mojo the Cinematic and Milano Constantine (USA) and forewords by scene pioneer Kool Herc (USA).

‘Still Kings’ is a sequel to Delta’s oz hip hop anthem ‘For the Kings’, which was the title track on Culture of Kings 2 in 2002. The compilation was the first oz hip hop album to achieve triple j’s album of the week, and for many, ‘For the Kings’ is the first Australian hip hop song they had ever heard.

Another shining moment on Pyramid Schemes is ‘A Mad Man Roams Tonight’. The track samples a long forgotten single from 1971 by Australian rock stalwart Peter Tilbrook of the band The Masters ApprenticesDelta had heard about this famous vinyl rarity for years, and after decades of searching he found a copy. Deltarang Peter to ask if he could sample the song shortly after the two had met at a garage sale at Peter’s home! Not only did Peter agree, but offered to hit the studio and record his original chorus to seal the deal.

Delta prides himself on creating classic hip hop; sample-heavy and lyrical with “no filler and no scams”. As a writer he is famous for delivering songs with a crucial element of sentimentality and cultural nostalgia, evoking emotion in his listeners and inviting them to lose themselves within his lyrical themes, and concepts.Pyramid Schemes is a pinnacle release for hip hop worldwide, and another master achievement for Delta.

“It is great to see Obese distribution making sure that my music reaches Australian listeners who may not be familiar with my music until now. It has all come full circle after my song ‘For the Kings’ was put in record stores by Obese 12 years ago.”

Track List



3. ALIEN (Foreword by KOOL HERC)

4. MISSING LINK (Produced by AMED (DITC)





9. CARRY ON (Produced by MARK B)




Purchase Pyramid Schemes from JB Hi-Fi or Soul Clap Records



Thundas have recently dropped a brand new promo track and accompanying video for ‘Noodle Soup’, an album track taken from their upcoming 3rd LP So We Can Remember.

Watch ‘Noodle Soup’ here

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CHASM: ‘Summer’ single featuring Blak Twang, Ozi Batla and Hau

‘Summer’, the new single from Chasm features world renowned UK rap legend Blak Twang, and Australian Kings of hip hop Ozi Batla (The Herd/Astronomy Class) and Hau (Koolism/triple j hip hop show). ‘Summer’ is an insight from Chasm’s upcoming fourth EP which is to be released in early 2014.

A chilled out track; ‘Summer’ is set alight by its warm strings and laid back beats. The three emcees trade verses on their Summer vibes, complementing each other with differing styles.

“‘The Summer’ was written one night at my studio, earlier in the year. From memory Blak Twang was just vibing on being out here; the Sydney women and beaches. So that really ended up guiding the track. The fellas chose the beat and wrote it all on the spot. Each emcee took a different angle on the topic. A bottle of Hennessy later….”  – Chasm

Purchase ‘Summer’ from iTunes.


Tornts: Street Visions, out 18.11.2013

Australia’s hardest hitting rap aficionado Tornts, of Hired Goons Crew and Broken Tooth Entertainment, drops his latest and greatest release Street Visions on October 18th 2013.

The sixth album of his illustrious career, Street Visions, as its title suggests, is a cinematic soundtrack to life around the streets of Melbourne city and the stories of its many characters. Full of  first-hand experiences, descriptive rap narratives mixed over big world standard production.

Lead single and video ‘I Do This’, produced by Dutch producer Ciph Barker, is a personal track in which Tornts writes of his own life and struggles as well as those of others. The listener can tell they are in for an album that stands out on it’s own in terms of it’s depth and descriptive wordplay over world class beats.

The second single and video is the street anthem ‘This Place’ produced by Tornts himself, features rising dancehall/reggae artist Apprentice. For the first time, vehement Melbourne street rap is combined with underground dancehall/reggae to produce genre-redefining results.

“We ain’t living on the beach in Home and Away, there’s poverty, homeless and strays” Tornts - ‘This Place’  
Other standout tracks on the album include trap single ‘Dirty Town’, which stars Melbourne beatmaker Kharnivor on production.

“Lost memories, bottle shop key rings, Lacoste crocodiles snap in a sea of sin” – Tornts - ‘Dirty Town

Fellow HG crew member and crowd favourite Diem shares the spotlight on the captivating song ‘Dark Days’ which contains an unmatched visual intensity that describes claustrophobic life in troubled times. Over a powerful, synth-packed beat, Tornts delivers his trademark powerful visual.

“In the abyss watch the vertigo, tortured souls like Guantanamo, ordered cold, that’s the city bro, whore to hold, one fifty dough”Tornts – ‘Dark Days’

Famed UK producer Beat Butcha (Lloyd Banks, Prodigy) helps to deliver the monster track ‘Life’, which Tornts‘ aggressive yet steady flow complements perfectly. Beat Butcha also provides the production for ‘Killin’ It’, which sees BTE’s newest inductee Dr. Flea stepping up to the mic alongside Tornts.

QLD dons Kings Konekted step up to smash guest verses on ‘Out Here’, rapping over slow Tornts melody driven trap production.

“Rough little Conans, hating their old man’s, and wishing for gold hands” - Tornts – ‘Out Here’

Tornts‘ crew, Hired Goons also feature on an epic banger called ‘This is HG’ cementing their status one of the most respected underground rap groups in the country.

The entire album is brutally honest and as visual as a motion picture, standing out on its own with internationally credible production, highly original content and that unique style only Tornts‘ can deliver.

Street Visions reaffirms that as an artist, Tornts never has, and never will be afraid to speak the truth about his life and the darker sides of society, while pushing boundaries with every release.

Track List:

01 – Dirty Town (Produced by Kharnivor)

02 – This Place Ft Apprentice (Produced by Tornts)

03 – I Do This (Produced by Ciph Barker)

04 – Out Here Ft Kings Konekted (Produced by Tornts)

05 – Crush All The Hype (Produced by Tornts)

06 – Dark Days Ft Diem & Murky (Produced by Kharnivor)

07 – Scimitar (Produced by Tornts)

08 – Killin’ It (Ft Dr Flea (Produced by Beat Butcha)

09 – Say Nothing (Produced by Tornts)

10 – Life (Produced by Beat Butcha)

11 – This Is HG Ft Bigfoot, Ciecmate, Billy Bunks, Murky & Diem (Produced by Tornts)

12 – Fire (Produced by Tornts)

Pre-order Street Visions from JB Hi-Fi here.


KERSER: S.C.O.T, Out 25.10.2013

From amidst the hard-living, notoriously crime ridden suburbs of Sydney’s outer west, an epitomizing voice has emerged in the form of Kerser.

Since releasing debut LP The Nebulizer only two years ago, Kerser proved himself an unrelenting force to be reckoned with. Despite his rapidly increasing popularity reflected in the charts and on social media, the Campbelltown native continues to be turned away by major radio stations. But the absence of radio play has proven almost irrelevant to Kerser. The unconventional yet democratic nature of his rise to fame has indicated the start of a new model of music business, free from the filtration of radio programmers and the limitations of genre quotas. Kerser The Anomalous has single-handedly created a loop hole in the system, and its working.


During the weeks surrounding the release of second album No Rest for the Sickest, Kerser charted at #1 on the national ARIA Urban charts, #1 on the iTunes Hip Hop charts, and #14 on the overall iTunes charts (not to mention the lesser known accolade of ‘Most Stolen Album From JB HiFi’). After a series of tours, festivals, and single releases, in August of 2013 Kerser released his first live tour DVD to an overwhelmingly positive reception debuting at #1 on the National ARIA Charts above P!nk.


Now with nowhere to go but forward, Kerser and faithful beatsmith Nebs have polished and perfected their trademark sound in the form of S.C.O.T.


“Me and Nebs dead-set think very alike. It took one long conversation to work out the angle we were going to take with this album. Then from there he started cooking up beats and I started writing, and it turned out just as we had both pictured it.”
While lyrically S.C.O.T reaffirms what he’s always been about, Kerser says the new album is also reflective of recent experiences and headspaces spurred by his success.


“These days I find myself kind of preaching to the youth a lot more. Letting them know no matter how bad shit gets where you’re at, there is a way out, and I’m proof of this.”


In the track titled ‘Scott Vs. Kerser’, the alter-ego and self take opposition. The lyrics tell about Scott pre Kerser fame, and how he hates what Kerser has become, to which Kerser retorts. The Nebs production mirrors the two-tone theme with two contrasting beats mixed skilfully into one.


‘The Real Shit’ features Nebs rapping alongside Kerser in a long-awaited vocal collaboration, on a braggadocio track celebrating their successes. The production sees Nebs work his magic on an 80’s style beat, changing it up with modern nuances.

One of Kerser’s personal favourite tracks on the album, ‘Let ‘em Fall Back’ is one for the haters. Over high voltage, upbeat Nebs production, Kerser reminds his critics that their negativity only motivates him to strive harder.


While his peers in the industry continue to fall victim to the wavering reliability of profit and exposure from the usual avenues, Kerser has cracked the code. As his presence extends beyond just his music, Kerser has become an icon for hope, resilience and resourcefulness, inspiring hundreds of thousands nationally.


Album Release Date: 11.10.2013
Album Released By: Kerser and Nebs Records
Album Distributed By: Obese Records Distribution

Purchase S.C.O.T from:
JB Hi-Fi:
Soul Clap Records


Never Settle: Writers Block, out 11.10.2013

Release Date: 11.10.2013
Released By: Obese Records Distribution

Writers Block is the debut album from emcee/producer Never Settle of the DVS CREW.

Originally completed in 2008, many of the tracks have been re-made or remixed for this 2013 release through Obese Distribution. The album comprises of a collection of the Never Settle‘s best songs recorded in the formative stages of his beat production and lyric writing, giving the album a raw, untainted aesthetic, but with undeniable presence of extreme talent.

The majority of the album was produced and performed by Never Settle, with the exception of two tracks. ‘The Inner Strength’, which features a verse from fellow DVS crew member Quick Smart, and track ‘Numerous Grams’ which was produced by Musk.

The album talks about searching for truth and purpose, about depression, drug and alcohol dependence, mental illness and conspiracy theories. It also talks about overcoming negativity through a love for hip hop and music in general, with a couple of fantasy based story telling tracks thrown in for good measure.

Track List

01. Intro

02. Black Lotus

03. Genisis 2

04. Psychosis remix

05. Never Settle

06. Malice in Wonderland

07. Mind Games

08. The Place

09. The Whole Truth

10. The Inner Strength (feat Quick Smart)

11. Writers Block

12. Lunar

13. Numerous Grams (prod. Musk)

14. Mantra

15. The Message

Listen to ‘Numerous Grams’ by Never Settle on YouTube:

Purchase Writers Block from JB Hi-Fi here.

Purchase Writers Block from Soul Clap Records here.

Purchase Writers Block from iTunes here.


CHASM: Day Turns To Night EP, Out 11.10.2013

The third installment of Chasm’s EP series comes in the form of Day Turns to Night.

Taking a very different approach with his production, this EP is unlike any work Chasm has ever put out. With a strong focus on ambient electronic sounds, reflective of a fast approaching Summer, Day Turns to Night is sure to be make it onto a lot a seasonal playlists.


The EP features sultry vocals from some of Australia’s best, including Jane Tyrrell (The Herd), Daniel Misfud, Momo (Diafrix) and more.


“With this EP I was trying to bring together all my varied musical influences and inject them into my production.” – Chasm

The Day Turns to Night EP is available 11.10.2013 for digital purchase only from iTunes.

Calski: Eyes and Ears, out 11.10.2013

Release Date: 11.10.2013
Released By: LookUp Records & Obese Records Distribution

“Calski won’t stop. He is sonically deep, lyrically honest and brutally disciplined. So act like you know and peep the production or check the discography in 15 years and ask yourself how you missed him.” DJ 2Buck

Eyes and Ears is MC/producer Calski‘s second release through Look Up Records. It follows the debut album Love Drive Commission which scored a place as album of the week on triple j’s hip-hop show.

The 5 track EP is a bold blend of social commentary and straight up flexing, addressing issue’s relevant to all Australians and some particular to the national Hip Hop community.

One of the most progressive producers in Australia shifts gears seamlessly from smooth soul to rugged boom bap providing a versatile backdrop for collaborations with Hau (Koolism), Mr. HillKryptimistikLuka Lesson4th (Vegas Aces), One Sixth and DJ Bacon.

Track List:

1.Fire It Up feat Kryptimistyk

2. Formulated feat One Sixth & DJ Bacon

3. It’s My Crib feat. Mr.Hill & 4th of Vegas Aces

4. Lost Or Found feat Luka Lesson

5. Get ‘Em Out feat Hau 

Purchase Eyes and Ears now from iTunes.