Friday Fatlist

It’s FRIDAY! Which means Friday Fatlist time to kick off your weekend. This week Bitter Belief stepped in to provide his Fatlist with tracks from Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, NAS toBriggs, Logic and more.

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01. Meek Mill- Traumatized

I’ve been listening to this song for months now and I just can’t get sick of it. This was my introduction to meek mill and what a first impression it was. I’ve always been a sucker for heartfelt music and from the get go the passion and emotion in his voice is so present. It’s obvious that every word spoken is directly from the heart. It’s a perfect mix of anger and sadness. The lack of drums thoughout the verses strips the beat right back so your forced to focus on the lyrics with a background of emotional riffs. Once the chorus hits the drums do to which also introduces the females vocals just to sprinkle some more emotion on the track. Meek mills voice filters through saying ‘you ripped my family apart and made my mumma cry so when I see you n**** it’s gon’ be a homicide’ He has a way of playing the good guy and villain at the same time and does so perfectly.

02. J. Cole- Runaway

Off the album Born Sinner – my favorite hip hop release of 2013 This song is among two others as one of my favorites of the record. The song starts with a Mike Epps sample that sets the tone of the concept from the jump. Once the sample is over cole wastes no time getting into things and spilling his guts on a chilled out beat that he himself produced. The lyrics are extremely thought provoking and relatable to most men. Admitting to flaws and weaknesses on a track is actually a strength in my eyes and something I look for in hip hop and he does this extremely well. Not only does he admit to his but he brings us in with him in a sort of story telling way. He flicks back and forth between talking about about himself in the story and then referring to ‘you’ which bridges the gap between him letting it out and including the listener. The chorus is my favorite part. Very simple and straight forward, sung by himself. Almost a haunting painful type of singing which blends perfectly with the rest of the song. My favorite line in the song is ‘Even in ya lowest days when ya no longer superman at least ya know ya got Lois lane’ just because I feel like it summarizes the whole track in one line. Perfect way to finish a verse!

03. JAY Z ft. Justin Timberlake- Holy Grail

The song starts with beautiful keys and the best singing I’ve ever heard Justin Timberlake do. He wastes no time captivating the listener! First impressions of the song are that he is talking of a female but upon listening closer you’ll discover he is referring to his love hate relationship with the entertainment industry. The way the start progresses then switches to a trap beat is surprising and shocking at first but definitely works. As the trap beat kicks in so does Jay-Z with his laid back simple flow and possible over use of the ‘uh’ but when you know the verse well and are vibing to it you can’t help but enjoy doing the ‘uhs’ with him haha. His first verse is complaining about the trails and tribulations that come with the territory but at the same time taking part of the blame ‘nobody to blame – Kurt Cobain – I did it to myself’. After his first verse of course the hook kicks back in but this time is sung over the trap style beat and still works as the riffs kick back in when JT does. In the second verse Jay-z admits that his problems are minuscule compared to what people are dealing with in his old environment and almost tells himself off for complaining saying ‘this is all you had to deal with? Deal with it, this ain’t work it’s light work’ and as if you thought JT couldn’t do any better the bridge is just as good if not better than the chorus. Another song I can’t seem to get sick of!

04. NAS- The World is an Addiction

Nas is easily one of my favorite rappers of all time and after a few sub par records (his Damien Marley collaborative effort not included) it was good to see him come back with ‘Life is Good’ and this specific track is my favorite off the album. Firstly, any track with Anthony Hamilton on the hook is a winner in my eyes. I’m a big fan of his voice and this beat along with Nas’ voice makes for a perfect blend and combination. As much as the riffs in this beat are powerful the drums are weak and simple but it works so well. Again, with the drums stripped right back you are forced to pay closer attention to what is being said and with this concept in particular I feel like that was a crucial move to make. This song wasn’t meant to be about the beat but about the lyrics. The concept alone is genius. By saying ‘The world is an addiction’ he actually refers to all the tempting things within the world we as people are known to become addicted to. The first verse touches on something he probably knows well and that’s being addicted to the rush of the street life. Almost like a ‘Thugs weaknesses’ while the second verse is more sporadic. Touching on things like sins within the church or ‘sick addictions’ if you will. ‘Pastors quote biblical chapters, psalms. All along he’s into bestiality porn. He Definitely holds no punches in bringing the dark reality of addiction to the forefront and I can’t help but love the rawness of it.

05. Pusha T ft. Kendrick Lamar

The second this beat starts I get this feeling I used to get from hip hop and my face screws up. The drums aren’t hard as in banging but they still go hard in their own way and the general feel of the beat takes me back to some late 90’s feel. This song is so simple and affective. Two awesome verses on a knockin beat. Usually Kendrick kills everybody he jumps on a track with but I have a hard time choosing my favorite verse on this one. Pusha T definately brought his A game with lines like ‘crack the window in the kitchen let it ventilate coz I let it sizzle on the stove like a minute steak’ referring to the crack cocaine he would sell before being a successful rapper. Both verses seperated by a line cut/sample that I couldn’t really call a hook but it’s a perfect suit. Kendrick open his verse with ‘you want to see a dead body?’ But it’s his voice that grabs your attention straight away. As confronting as the lyrics are from both artists I guess it’s the harsh reality of the environment both have come from and I’m sure they capture that street/good vibe perfectly with this number! Also a lot of people don’t realize but die to the cocaine referances the title is actually ‘NOSEtalgia’

06. Wale ft. Sam Dew- LoveHate Thing

This is my favourite song at the moment. Perfect for a saturday or sunday morning cruise in the car! Such a positive happy vibe that your pretty much forced to groove to! The song starts with a marvin gaye sample and slowly progresses into a hip hop feel bringing in the drums and hook on which wale has had a singer lay a new and more modernised hook over the happy yet haunting back ground vocals of the great marvin gaye. ‘Love you then they hate you then they love you again, hate you then they love you then they hate you again lord!’ – Wale explains of the volatility our target audience can show the artist at times. Being a young man who has grown distant from a lot of my old mates due to their addictions and drug use the line I relate to most and get shivers pretty much every time I hear it is ‘I lost a lot of friends, and they ain’t even dead.’ – I’m not sure if this exactly what he means but when I hear it that’s how i make it relative to my situation and therefore can rap along with conviction.

07. Logic- Under Pressure

This has been getting a definite seeing to lately. Usually when I find a new artist their single isn’t my favorite track by them. If anything it’s the weakest. But not in this case. It has everything I look for in a hip hop track – edgey lyrics with clear vocals and a simple but catchy hook and of course a banging beat which changes up at least three times and I actually like all the changes that the beat makes! The hook sounds like an exert of something very significant and catchy from a verse.. Logic definitely won me over with this one!

08. Briggs- Bad Apples

This is probably my favourite Briggs track. Such a raw – taste of reality shoved in people’s faces. Full of facts and the harsh truth. The beat is a perfect backdrop for Briggs to cut to the bone and get to the point. Once the song is finished you can’t help but feel like he is a great role model and voice for his people. My favourite line in the song is easily ‘they don’t use em to pack shelves they use em to pack cells up in the system for’ they even crack 12′ straight forward but so graphic and thought provoking.

09. Kendrick Lamar- Celebration

This is my song I put on when I’m having a bad day or am sad or in a bad mood. It’s so uplifting and has such a great positive vibe that it turns my mood around almost instantaneously. Extremely happy groovy beat and the lyrics to match! This kind of song is rare in hip hop and so when I come across these kind if gems they get put away and kept for a rainy day. My favourite part of this song is the chorus. It’s just such an infectious melody that I actually end up despising it’s that catchy and gets that stuck in my head. Also the flows throughout the verses are so left field and different I can’t help but walk with a bop in my step no matter where I’m listening to it. Massive thumbs up to Kendrick for not applying the usual ‘rap template’ of the hardcore gangster image and just ‘having fun’ on a happy go lucky foundation of riffs and drums.

10. The Game- The Purge ft. Stacy Barthe

I’m actually not a massive fan of The Game as of lately. When he first came out he had me on board but slowly lost me over time. This is the kind of stuff i like him doing. I listen to songs like this and feel like someone with a platform or a voice is representing the people. The beat is made up of beautiful riffs and subtle almost ‘pretty’ drums are a prefect backdrop for the lyrics he drops on it. He touches on things like the Ferguson riots in which an African American man was the victim of police brutality. A friend put me onto Stacey Barthe a while ago so its good to see her breaking through from the shadows on a song like this and she plays a perfect role. her voice is haunting and stabbing throughout the verses then on the chorus she just repeatedly sings ‘were all dying, sometimes I wanna purge’ – I love that the pain in both their voices is matched perfectly – almost like although these issues don’t affect them PERSONALLY they still share the pain of the people that do. About Mike Brown he says – ‘I hope his Mummas tears is like acid to ya fuckin badges’ – I get shivers and my hairs stand up every time i hear that line.


KERS 010 - King 1400px (With Text)Kerser’s 4th LP in as many years, KING is by far his best and most accessible, despite being the most brutal.

A success story no one predicted, MC Kerser is the most polarising voice in Australian hip hop, epitomising the notoriously hard-living suburbs of Sydney’s outer west.

With trademark, unapologetic, honesty, KING documents Kerser’s incredible trajectory from his stomping ground in Sydney’s West [‘C-Town’], the fight he’s undertaken to get out [‘Put Life In Rap’] and the hard-won realisation that success creates its own problems [‘Forever’.]

Though championed by the marginalised society he emerged from, some early fans have fallen by the wayside, accusing Kerser of flaunting success. The industry you’d think would respect the numbers, appear to see the rapper as too close to the crime-ridden scenes he’s been forced to leave. It’s a fascinating, no doubt frustrating, situation for the fiercely loyal, unashamedly honest and humble MC.

Stuck in the middle, Kerser rejects self-pity, using the dichotomy as a source of strength, making KING his best album yet. Accessible, despite its brutality, with storytelling at its sharpest and Nebs production never better, KING is headed for the top of the charts, with a special fold-out poster included with the physical CD for the fans who keep Kerserthere. It’s the relationship with supporters that forces the music industry to reconsider success; despite his hard upbringing, Kerser inspires legions of fans to push harder, and expect more.

Initially gaining notoriety in an emcee battle with 360, before nearly breaking YouTube with his promo clips [clocking up to 100,000 views in 48 hours], first record The Nebulizer [2011] signaled Kerser’s deadly serious intentions. Second album, the ruthless No Rest For The Sickest hit #1 on the ARIA Urban charts, #1 on the iTunes Hip Hop charts, and #14 on the overall iTunes charts [and was ‘Most Stolen Album From JB HiFi’], before the tour DVD debuted at #1 on the National ARIA Charts, beating P!nk. By then a festival veteran, and selling out shows nationally, fashion labels approached him for endorsements – usually the other way round – which saw sales tripling when he showed garments on social media.

Third LP S.C.O.T [2013] was held at #2 on the iTunes charts by superstar Katy Perry. A week later S.C.O.T was #5 on the main ARIA Charts and #1 on the ARIA Urban Charts. The S.C.O.T. National Tour DVD [Sept, 2014] provided never-seen insight, debuting at #2 on the ARIA Charts. Held back by Hillsong Church, Kerser was still ahead of The Wiggles Best Of, Queen Live At Wembley Stadium and Andre Rieu in the Top 5 showing how his fans return the love and loyalty he’s shown them.

One of the most humble artists in the game, Kerser is finally gaining respect, despite sticking to his self-belief – a trait sometimes mistaken for cockiness. His unconventional rise to fame, free from the filtration of radio programmers and the limitations of genre quotas, created a loop hole in the system. Accumulating well over 220,000 Facebook fans and more than 15 million YouTube views with little to no radio play, Kerser has risen to the top by telling his story without filter. An unlikely hero if ever there was one, Kerser has become an icon for hope, resilience and resourcefulness, inspiring hundreds of thousands nationally.


1. Intro

2. The Truth

3. C-Town

4. Lonely At The Top

5. Forever

6. It’s Nothing

7. 225 feat. Rates, Jay Uf

8. Taken Away

9. Fantastic

10. Underground

11. Smokin’ Up

12. Put Life In Rap

13. My Favourite Shit

14. KING feat. Nebs

15. On My Way

16. Feelin Like


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From amidst the hard-living notoriously crime ridden suburbs of Sydney’s outer west, an epitomizing voice has emerged in the form of Kerser.

Following the success of chart topping No Rest for The Sickest National Tour 2013 DVD which slammed P!nk and hailed #1 place on the ARIA chart week of release, comes the highly anticipated second installment in the Kerser DVD series, S.C.O.T National Tour 2014. With up close and personal behind the scenes footage as well as high powered performances captured in the countries capitals, we take a journey with Kerser as he’s joined by fellow mate and hype man Jay (UF), DJ Victor Lopez, as well as close brother and fellow hype man Rates.

For fans this is a chance to relive the experience all over again, for those new it’s an introduction to an energetic and truly inspiring performer.

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Growing up in the northeastern NSW town of Lismore, Profecy had little to no exposure to the ever-changing Hip Hop scene of Australia, through which he developed his own unique sound by trial and error. Profecy then relocated to Brisbane in 2010 where he completed and released his debut EP ‘Let the Music Play’, which gave him exposure amongst the larger Hip Hop community and enabled him to perform alongside some of Hip Hop’s best selling artists including Thundamentals, Illy and M-Phazes.

In 2013 Profecy gained positive recognition from music critics nationally when he dropped his ten track mixtape ‘The Arrival’. Now in 2014, Profecy is back with his forthcoming EP ‘The Release’ set to drop as a digital only release through Obese Records Distribution August 29thexhibiting the constant search for the witty wordplay and startling beat.

Walk With Me encompasses youthfulness in the most adept way possible; the anger, the unrequited emotions, the frustration and bliss and the bittersweetness of life. Walk With Me is bass heavy, but still carrying a summer-breeze sense to it.

Profecy, already receiving positive feedback from the media, is quite hopeful to receive a warm welcome back with ‘The Release’.

“Honest rhymes coupled with killer vocals.” – Maggie Collins, Triple J

“Quite honestly one of the finest Australian hip hop tracks I’ve heard in some time, with stand out production. Definitely an artist to watch.”Mark Dragham, TheAUReview


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750 Rebels_Pig City_Cover Art_1500x1500_300dpi


Teaming up as 750 Rebels, Jake Biz, Lazy Grey and DCE are set to drop their first official single ‘Pig City‘ with their fellow rebel Overproof Pete. ‘Pig City‘ is taken from the upcoming Kold Heat album set to release through Obese Records Distribution in October.

To accompany the digital single release, the boys have teamed up with Dolan from DF Des1gn to put together two video clips.

Check out the clip for ‘Griz vs Biz’ below, also taken from the soon to be released Kold Heat album.

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DL_COVER Born in 1993 also known as on of the golden eras in hip hop, Double L has been a rap baby from day dot, reciting Eminem lyrics from the tender age of four. Now, sixteen years later, Double L has made an impact on the Australia’s underground hip hop scene with his YouTube videos which have attracted thousands of views. With a reputation as a notorious misfit among past teachers and peers, Double L expresses his unique approach to life through his lyrics. Teaming up with up and coming producer Marvelous (MRVLS) for the album’s entirety, Double L‘s sound is riding a new wave of hip hop. Watch the Still Waters Run Deep Album Teaser: Follow Double L on Facebook.

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CLOTHING SALE internet version 2



Cooking with Caustic: From Mercury to Pluto, out 18.07.14

Hailing from the artistically bountiful Blue Mountains come Cooking with Caustic, a soul/hip hop/funk collective unlike any other.

Cooking with Caustic consists of core members Caustic (beats, keys and production), DJ Cost (turntables), Jarv Benaud (bass), Stephen Noble (saxophone), and Marc Brown (trombone).

Though they’ve been jamming for years; first meeting whilst working in hospitality together, From Mercury to Pluto is the group’s debut LP. The album pays homage to the classic sounds of 90’s hip hop, as well as focusing on big beat, groove, and turntablism.

“Rather than an album being about one vocalist, this is about a collection of voices that work together but provide the listener with variety too. We also have a focus on instrumentals, where turntables and musicianship can come to the fore.”Caustic

Guest vocalists on the LP include Queen B, Blackjack Davey, Madame Wu (Madame Wu and Elise Graham), Mikoen (Daily Meds, Reverse Polarities), P.Smurf (Daily Meds, Reverse Polarities), Mute MC (Reverse Polarities, Mute X Roleo), Tenth Dan (Big Village), Charlotte Craib (Rumpunch), Broken Thought Theory, Ev Jones (Jones Jnr), and Loose Wayne.

“A lot of us are kind of science/music/cartoon nerds. Hence all the sci-fi samples and references.
Voice samples are mostly from old radio shows, there’s something awesome about those old accents.”

The track ‘Journey from the Inside Out’ features Mute and Blackjack Davey, explores themes of birth and life’s journey in a sombre fashion, juxtaposed with its cartoon-like production. With its 50’s doo-wop backing vocal performed by the band, the heavily swung beat and double bass groove gives the song a lurchy feel.
‘About to Fly’ features Tenth Dan, Madame Wu, Ev Jones, and Queen B. Lyrically the track is about doing the things you love, cos you only live once”. Though uplifting overall, the track’s minor key combined with the melancholy of the lyrics gives the ‘About to Fly’ further depth. “There’s a bird call throughout which was recorded from my garden. It’s a wattle bird, they make that call a lot in the morning, so it’s a real waking up in the mountains sound for me.” – Caustic

‘No One’ is an instrumental track speckled with vocal samples which include the words “no one”. The track got its origins from a pitched down guitar sample taken from a Two Toes track, and a Queen B vocal sample from a 2005 recording. The beat; constructed from MPC sequenced beats, is layered with live drums and percussion.

Possessing a cohesiveness and maturity rarely found in a debut album, Cooking with Caustic have come to define their own unique brand of music in the form of From Mercury to Pluto.

“Music’s a pretty compulsive creative outlet for us; we fill most of our time with it. The band’s a big creative family.”Caustic

Watch the From Mercury to Pluto  promo video:

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M-Phazes will be releasing a compilation album featuring some of his all-time favourite collaborative moments from his back catalogue. This sort after collection of production mastery is aptly entitled The Works.

Back in twenty-ten M-Phazes released his ARIA award winning album Good Gracious, which featured an all-star lineup of Australian Hip-Hop artists.  With the release of  The Works in 2013, M-Phazes will be displaying his international connections, featuring some of Hip Hop’s most elite, and sort after vocalists over his now world famous beats.

Boasting pre-released tracks from Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch ft. Jill ScottSlaughterhouse and CL Smooth and more, The Works is an insight to Phazes‘ remarkable knack for networking and establishing musical connections.
Watch ‘Still Standing’ with Pharoahe Monch ft. Jill Scott music video:

Release Date: 28.06.2013
Released By: Obese Records

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